Ice and fire realms

Ice and fire realms

Ice and fire realms

Which side do we belong to

Two factions, the Lords of Dawn and the Revolutionary Army of Dusk, struggle for the power of seven signs. To participate in the struggle for the seven signs, the player must choose one side. It is impossible to switch from one side to the other until a new period begins. The new period begins once every two weeks. During the faction selection period, the player must also choose a sign for which they will fight.

Players who have also received a second profession:

You can choose your side and register in the next battles

dusk priestess

Revolutionary Dais Army

Dais leader: Dusk Priestess

Recruitment to the Revolutionary Dais Army is open to players whose clan or alliance does not have a strict policy against joining. Prospective recruits must consult with the Dais recruiter, who can be found in any city, before joining.

priest of down

Revolutionary Ice Army

Leader of Ice: Priest of Dawn

Players who belong to the clans or alliances can not join the lords of ice freely in the city of Cximasmagre for free. Other players must pay 50000 Adena. Also, every player who supports Cximasmagre can buy 300 approved certificates from Chamberlain NPC for other players and sell them. The validity period of approved certificates is not specified. A player who has this certificate can already join the lords of ice for free at the beginning of a new period. In order to participate in the lords of ice, it is necessary to talk to the advocate of ice, whose visit is possible in every city.

Players with only one profession:

They can join any faction.

Players who do not have a profession:

Do not qualify for participation in the struggle for seven badges.

For sevenfold showdown is divided into two stages:
1. Selection and gathering stage of factions.
2. Stage of receiving prizes and bonuses.
So that every work is always in the ears of new entrants, 500 aden, any participant can purchase a progress table (Score of Seven Signs).

Stage of Gathering

The stage of gathering starts at 18:00 on Monday and lasts 7 days and nights. During this period, players choose sides and symbols. Players compete in necropolises and catacombs on the following lands: Lilim, Nephilim, Lilith, and Gigant, and they receive Seal Stones from them. The total number of these lands determines the fate of the gathering.

1) Gathering the Seven Seals

In catacombs and necropolises, the player encounters Lilim, Nephilim, Lilith, and Gigant, obtaining different colored Seal Stones from them. Beyond these seals, mobs do not drop anything else.
Each stone has its own value. Blue - 3 points, Green - 5 points, and Red - 10 points. The simple collection of these stones does not change anything. It is necessary to exchange with the corresponding dealer.
The seals can be exchanged with other players or sold to the Black Market Trader of Mammon. Blue - 3adena, Green - 5adena, Red - 10adena.

monsters in catacombs

Players ride monsters in catacombs and necropolises to gather resources.

2) Batumi Festival

Participants can book accommodations and participate in Batumi festival. The winner is rewarded with the highest points. These points will be added to the share of the winnings (or to the lords of the ice, or to the revolutionary ice army)

players in catacombs

Participation in the festival of darkness may only be limited to seven signs of struggle. The distribution that must be festival-bound, must be paid below the festival's guide (Guide of the Festival, who can be found at the festival's performance site. Teleportation to that location is free of charge. It is organized by a sorcerer. Admission is subject to a fee. The distribution is led by a leader. The distribution must consist of five people. Every member of the distribution must be one and the same place. All members of the distribution must adhere to that place, whatever festival they choose. Those members of the distribution who exceed the chosen distribution, will not receive participation in the festival of darkness.

During the festival of darkness, the disappearance of Olympus is postponed four times. In the event of starting, the distributor goes to the nearest city. The player can also leave the festival for free and go to the city from which he came to the festival. In case of disappearance, players will be burned in the house where the festival is taking place. The revival of the players is not possible. In the rooms, surviving members necessarily save the participants.

players in rift

The festival consists of 5 levels. Each level of the festival has its own price.

stones table
stones table
stones table
stones table

Just two minutes before the start of the festival, teleportation occurs at its location. After the festival's recording fails, the participants take on the quest of the Festival of Darkness (Quest of the Festival of Darkness) and teleport to the site of this event. The festival lasts for 18 minutes. Each participant can taste the fruit and drink the blood of the sacrificed (Blood of the Sacrificed). The blood of each sacrifice empowers the leader.

rift farming

If they have to drop during the festival, they should go to the Shaman located in the center. The Shaman can also be asked to call for stronger moves. The stronger the move, the more blood drops.

If they want their pets to grow during the drop, the festival leader must register with the festival guide within 40 minutes. If this 40-minute interval is not met, the result will be annulled. Getting a record can also be from the festival guide.

After the struggle for the seventh sign, one party that breaks the record receives Ancient Adena from the festival guide. Each contribution is paid in Ancient Adena and is distributed on winning distributions. Prizes can only be awarded to those who have been successful in the struggle for the seventh sign. Prizes will be awarded following the start of the next struggle.

The end of the struggle for seven meanings

Declaration of Rights and Freedoms.

After the declaration of rights, the winners can celebrate their victory and receive rewards - old coins. The reward is distributed as follows: 1 point - 1 old coin.

Old Garden Purchase

The winner can buy unique items in old gardens that are not usually sold in regular stores. For this, you need to negotiate with priests.

Change of Winner's Badge

The change of the winner's badge depends on who won and also on the percentage of the selector.
• If the badge had already been given to another opponent and the winner wants to challenge it then the badge should be given to the winner with at least a minimum of 35% of the vote. If this number is not reached, receiving the badge is not possible.
• If the badge is still desirable for the winner, then they can reserve it in the case that the dissenters are 10% more than this number. If the winner wants to receive a new badge, 35% of the vote must be given to them.

seven sign panel

5) On the top of Mount Eden

If the ice army wins, then the sun sets and the sky becomes dark - which terrifies Kazos. But if the revolutionary army of the ice wins, then the forest becomes dark and the bottomless sapphire eye appears in the sky, which is the harbinger of freedom


The action of seven wonders

All signs point to winning on one side and losing on the other.

Seal of Avarice

After winning, only the winners of the event can enter the necropolis, those who have this sign. Anyone not in the necropolis who would go beyond the forbidden path will be considered any monster or NPC found there. If no party has a sign, then no one will enter the necropolis. The winner can buff in the necropolis. The duration of these buffs is 1 to 2 hours. Also, teleportation inside the necropolis is free. In the necropolis, there may be two types of raid bosses, Lillith and Anakim, they are mandatory to be attracted up to level 11 of the Soul Crystal. In the necropolis, the Trader of Mammon is present, with whom it is possible to buy different items with old adena. These vendors are not in the same place, they teleport from one necropolis to the other.

Seal of Gnosis

After winning catacombs, only the winners of the main hall can access, those who have this symbol. Anyone who will violate the area outside necropolis will be attacked by any monster or NPC. If no one has a symbol, no one will enter the catacombs.

Teleportation is more effective in catacombs.
After winning cities, except for initial villages, Preacher of Doom and Debuffers will appear to the winners of the main hall. The duration of these debuffs is from 1 to 2 hours.

After winning cities, except for initial villages, Oracle of Revelations appears and buffs the winners of the main hall. The duration of these buffs is from 1 to 2 hours.
Blacksmith of Mammon appears in catacombs, with whom you can exchange various items and do Afraidy's crafting with old adenas. They do not concentrate in one place, they teleport from one catacomb to another.

Seal of Strife

If the mark is sought by the lords of ice, then:
• Dawn Mercenaries may execute elite defenders (Dawn Mercenary) to safeguard the city.
• The modernization of the defender's fortifications and the karibch's capture.
• Strengthen the defenders' defense.
• Dawn Mercenaries may impose a maximum tax of 25%.

However, if the mark falls into the hands of the revolutionary army of ice:
• City defenders can only deploy the toughest rookies (Rookie Mercenary).
• The fortifications and the karibch's modernization are greatly strengthened.
• Defenders' defense is weakened.
• Dawn Mercenaries may impose a maximum tax of 5%.
• Taming with battle dragons is impossible.

6) Entry into Catacombs and Necropolis.

Outsiders cannot enter the Catacombs or Necropolis, it's just for the winners. If they are identified temporarily in the Catacombs, they teleport them to the nearest village.



1) Bees

Bees pollinate monsters in catacombs and necropoles. Red bees are the most expensive, green - the least, while blue bees are the most beautiful. If these bees are in the area where the columnists give scores, the person receives points. 3 points for blue, 5 for green, and 10 for red bee.

seal stones

2) Ancient Adena.

It can be obtained by selling items for adena. Exchange of ancient adena is possible at the black market at the rate of 1:1. It is possible to purchase items with ancient adena from the priests of Trader of Mammon, Blacksmith of Mammon, or Blacksmith of Mammon.

3) The Record of Seven Signs

This item allows you to watch the manifestation of all 7 signs during the event. It can be purchased for 500adena from the priest of dawn or dusk.

seven signs scroll

4) Certificate from Ice Lord.

This item allows a person who is not a clan leader to participate in the struggle to get a share of the mark of Ice Lords, not given to the clan leaders.

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Lineage ® is registered trademark of NCSOFT Corporation

© 2012 - 2023 PRED GAMES

Ltd. « Gaming Solutions» registered in Cypros, is non-official and non-commercial test server provider accross Worldwide

Lineage ® is registered trademark of NCSOFT Corporation

© 2012 - 2023 PRED GAMES

Ltd. « Gaming Solutions» registered in Cypros, is non-official and non-commercial test server provider accross Worldwide